Ready to take control of your sexuality and build the sex life you deserve? 

My online courses are the best way to do that—they’re packed full of information, stories, and tools to help you achieve your goals of sexual confidence and empowerment! Why a course instead of coaching?

Convenience: you get to watch this at your pace, and go back to it as you need.

Privacy: not ready to talk to someone face to face? That’s okay! By purchasing a course, you can chip away at the information here in the comfort of your own home.

Support: all courses offer add-ons to include coaching, or monthly group calls to dive deeper with my support and tackle some of those nitty gritty details. 

Re-spark desire

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You're tired of having sex be initiated and not feeling in the mood for it, or for the constant fights with your partner. I get it. You want to increase your sex drive, feel sexy and confident and in control. You want sex to be a fun aspect of your relationship, not a point of contention. Re-spark Desire is our Spotlight course that will help you do just that – leaving you feeling more confident, intimate, and connected with yourself and with your partner and never having to feel anxiety at the thought of sex again! 

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