Asking for help isn’t easy, especially when it comes to sex. 

Sex is a natural part of life and a part of most relationships. Yet, somehow, you feel that you have uncertainties—so many questions and thoughts that have been left unanswered and yet … no one to turn to about it. You might try to look it up online, only to find a mix of information that leaves you feeling more broken and alone than before. 

You might try asking a friend, but the two of you get uncomfortable quickly and change the conversation. Or worse: they brush you off and tell you to just relax and it’s “no big deal.” 

You might have found a sex therapist in your area, but their waitlist is really long OR the thought of sitting face-to-face with another person talking about all of this makes you want to hide further away. 

In the end, you’re left with even more questions and you’re overwhelmed about how to get out of this. You considered maybe even taking one of our courses, but decided you need more personal support specific to you. 

If you’re needing a bit more hands-on support, 1:1 (or 1:2!) may be an option for you!

For many of us, we know how to keep ourselves committed to a plan and how to grow, we just maybe need that structure in place from someone else, especially someone who can understand our problems. With our single coaching session, you’ll receive a form to complete prior to our session that you’ll fill out and return to me so I can prepare for our coaching session together. During our 60- or 90-minute coaching session, we dive in deep quickly to understand your issue fully, putting together all the pieces of the puzzle and giving you lots of education along the way. You’ll leave the call with an arsenal of tools and information, plus a follow-up plan in your inbox by the end of the week with everything you need to carry on your success.

types of coaching 

Deep-Dive Individual or Couples Coaching

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A Deep-Dive Coaching Session includes:

1 60-minute (individual) or 90-minute (couples) session 
A detailed questionnaire prior to your session 
A personalized plan following our call to put everything that we discussed into action
2 follow-up emails where you can clarify, expand, or ask additional questions after our sessions so you aren’t left feeling all alone and overwhelmed 

The investment for a Deep-Dive 60-minute Individual session is $547 USD and for a 90-minute Couples session is $697 USD.

Consistency is key—our sexuality does not exist in a vacuum. We end up where we are for many reasons, and as such, we need time and a plan to get to your goal. I have always found that the clients who come to see me and commit to that work for a certain period of time have the best results. This package is for those folks who are ready to commit to finding solutions to their problems and further growth in their sexuality; you know you deserve more. 

3-month Intensive Coaching

A 3-month intensive coaching package includes:

1-hour bi-weekly individual or couples coaching calls (with a 90-minute initial coaching call for couples) (total of 6 calls, all recorded for you to watch on your own as needed) ($2997 value)
1 email check-in bi-weekly to further ask questions that come up between sessions (total of 6 emails) ($1197 value)
Access to all of the Virtual Sex Therapist programs for 12-months ($997 value)
Ongoing support for an additional month after coaching ends (via voice memos) to help you keep going and working towards your goals ($1197)

The investment for a 3-month Intensive Coaching Package is $5000 USD (payment plans available).