Hi! My name is Diana and I am a professional counsellor and An AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. I help women and folks just like you create the sex life they’ve always wanted, connect with their partners, and overcome any struggles they may have to find their sexual confidence. I’m often asked how I landed in this field, and must share that my own personal journey has brought me here today. I am passionate about sexual empowerment and healing.

Sexuality has always been my passion. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in how people connect sexually—yet, with so many taboo messages and secrecy, the door wasn’t open to talk about it with just about anyone. Yet, I continued to be curious—I wanted to understand what this thing that happened behind closed doors meant for myself, for others, and how we relate to it in connection to each other. Movies showed it as this passionate thing that just happened—it was hot, raw, and orgasms happened for each person (almost always a man and woman) at the exact same time through intercourse. Friends would describe the first time as painful and awkward, and magazines boasted more and more articles about how to have the most mind-blowing and multiple orgasms in fun and odd positions. Welp, that’s quite a conflicting message! 

Are you ready to take control of your sexuality?

By the time I faced my own personal challenges with my sexuality—physically, emotionally, and within my identity—I knew that the messages I had received had skewed my expectations of what sex might look like. I worked with many different professionals to look within and begin to heal some of the challenges that had all surfaced in this area of my life that I also felt I couldn’t talk about with almost anyone. At the end of this journey, I realized I never wanted anyone else to feel alone and broken the way I had—so after a suggestion from my own mother (shoutout to mom!) that I might be well fitted for this field that I had previously shrugged off, everything fell into place. 

I completed many MANY hours of sex therapy training, went to grad school and became a counsellor, and shortly opened up my private practice in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada that turned into a full clinic of counsellors within a year. 

Yet, I still felt like I had more to offer the world; while I loved (and still love!) working with clients every day in my practice, I felt limited and like there was something more for me. I wanted to reach more people, and share this treasure trove of experience and knowledge I had with more people than I could sitting in front of one or two people in my office. I knew that more people needed this information, and were longing and searching for it, but for whatever reason, couldn’t access it. So, I launched into the world of digital courses to bring you an option that has rarely existed before from a trained professional – high quality learning packaged into an easy to understand framework that will tap into your deepest wounds and help you heal and reconnect with sex. 

I knew I had found my calling. 

I share my story so you can understand that I’m not all education and knowledge (although that’s important, too, so you can feel confident I know what I’m doing!) but I also have lived the experience that many of my clients face. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, hopeless, and frustrated with your sex life—pelvic pain, low desire, sexual identity questioning, and probably more. I’ve been there and created this space so you don’t have to be anymore. 


Some fun tidbits about me, 

Since I'm not all therapist all the time!

Cat lady over here!

I have 3 gorgeous babies, Milo, Matilda, and Mia (that was definitely NOT intentional with the M’s!)

I'm a coffee fiend

As long as I have my cup of coffee with oat milk every morning, life is good!
(I may or may not be sitting here with coffee as we speak.)

Baking is my time to shut off

decorating cookies, cinnamon buns, cupcakes, you name it. 

Vancouver is home

I've called Vancouver, Canada home since I was 4, and I've always dreamed of retiring in Italy

I’m a homebody forever and always

you’ll pretty much always find me here, whether on my own or others. It’s my safe place. 

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